INMED – Reimagine IndianS into MedicinE (RISE) Wy’east Pathway

The RISE Collaborative (Reimagine IndianS into medicinE) represents a partnership between three medical schools in the Western United States who are actively working to support the success of Native learners who aspire to be physicians. Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, University of California Davis School of Medicine, and Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine offer a 10-month immersive learning experience called the Wy’east Post-Baccalaureate Pathway.

The Wy’east Pathway is designed to help American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) learners thrive in their journey through medicine. Wy’east provides a holistic, culturally specific framework for the successful recruitment, training, retention, and graduation of AIAN medical students.

The Wy’east Pathway is held at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon and scholars live in either Portland, OR in Washington near Portland for scholars who need to satisfy Washington residency requirements. The Pathway runs from September–June. In the RISE partnership, WSU College of Medicine selects up to 4 scholars annually who are enrolled members of federally recognized Tribes and meet the residency entry requirements for the WSU College of Medicine to attend this pathway. This cohort will participate alongside scholars selected by OHSU.


  • MCAT Prep course (e.g., Kaplan or Princeton Review)
  • Foundations of biomedical sciences
  • Population health and epidemiology
  • Academic skills and wellness
  • Clinical observation
  • Research experiences
  • Indigenous health and wellness
  • Anatomy
  • Cultural activities


  • April 1: The primary application to apply will open. Apply Online
  • The WSU College of Medicine secondary application will be sent to eligible candidates
  • May 10, 2024: Primary application is due
  • May 17, 2024: Secondary application (and all materials) are due by 11:59pm Pacific time
  • June: Interviews
  • Late June: Applicants notified of decisions
  • August 15: Deadline for moving to Vancouver, WA
  • September–June: Wy’east Pathway at OHSU

Eligibility Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree earned from an accredited US or Canadian institution.
  • Overall undergraduate GPA of 2.6 or higher. WSU College of Medicine then uses three different pairings of required MCAT scores to meet the condition of acceptance. These can be found under Academic Requirements (also listed below under “Conditional Acceptance”).
    • o If your MCAT score combined with your undergraduate overall GPA does not currently meet one of the three combination thresholds outlined on our website, your current highest composite MCAT score must be no more than 7 points below the needed percentile rank to meet the GPA/MCAT combination threshold. You can view current percentile ranks for the MCAT.
  • Prior unsuccessful application to medical school is also preferred; however, we will consider those who have not yet applied to medical school.
  • Plan to apply to medical school for Entering Year of 2025 (by October 15, 2024).
  • Enrolled membership or descendancy in a federally recognized Tribe.
  • Residency:
    • Meet ties to Washington or have Washington residency. Descriptions of this can be found at on admissions page under “Requirements to Receive a Secondary Application”.
    • Candidates who do not meet this requirement can also apply if they commit to living in Clark CO in Washington State (e.g., Vancouver, WA) starting August 15 prior to the start of Wy’east and commit to living in WA and commute to OHSU in Portland for the duration of the program.
      • This will allow candidates to officially establish residency in WA prior to enrollment with WSU College of Medicine.
      • Failure to maintain this commitment will result in rescinding the conditional acceptance. Inability to provide proof that a Scholar is living in Washington (e.g., signed lease for Scholar) by August 15 prior to starting Wy’east will result in dismissal from the program.


  • Cost to attend: FREE
  • A monthly stipend to help offset living expenses
  • Access to and exposure with medical school faculty, leadership, and students
  • Coursework and exposure to become better prepared for entry into the WSU College of Medicine
  • Conditional acceptance to the WSU College of Medicine for Entering Year 2025

Conditional Acceptance

  • Satisfactorily completing the Wy’east pathway, which includes:
    1. Attending all classes with no unexcused absences
    2. Satisfactory completion of all coursework and quizzes
    3. Obtaining a passing score during all end-of-block exams, and
    4. Conscientiousness, courtesy, and respect in all aspects of pathway activities
  • Formal AMCAS application and WSU College of Medicine secondary application in the 2024 cycle for entry in August 2025
  • Successful interview with the WSU College of Medicine during the regular interview cycle
  • Meeting a combination threshold of undergraduate overall GPA and MCAT composite score as follows:
    1.  If undergraduate cumulative GPA is 3.8 – 4.0, then 27th percentile rank or higher on the MCAT
    2. If undergraduate cumulative GPA is 3.4 – 3.79, then 43rd percentile rank or higher on the MCAT
    3. If undergraduate cumulative GPA is 2.6 – 3.39, then 61st percentile rank or higher on the MCAT
  • Candidates who are establishing residency in WA during the program (beginning August 15) will be required to live in WA for the duration of the pathway and until matriculating into WSU College of Medicine (one full year).

The INMED – RISE program is held in collaboration with

  • Oregon Health and Sciences University School of Medicine
  • Northwest Native American Center of Excellence
  • Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
  • University of California Davis School of Medicine
  • Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane