Students of Medicine

Program returns in 2024

This pathway program is focused on serving high school students who have an interest in medicine. The program utilizes online programming that is taught by an in-person teacher to help facilitate hands-on learning and experience related to medicine. The program ranges from one week to three weeks depending on site.

The Students of Medicine curriculum was created by Dr. Andres Jimenez (MD) and originated in the South Bronx, NY. Resources and guidance is provided to students who dream of becoming doctors and to teach medical basics. The program was developed to support disadvantaged students who dream of becoming doctors.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Gain working knowledge of social determinants of health, health issues in their community, and organ systems of the human body.
  2. Select and research a health science topic of interest and presented their research to peers, family members, community, instructors, and administration.
  3. Increase skills and knowledge in resume building, what steps are needed to pursue the health sciences, and engaged in community building exercises focused on leadership, communication, social responsibility, intellectual excellence, teamwork, and collaboration.


Students must be enrolled at Spokane Valley Tech for the summer session to be considered.