MD Student giving eye test

Mission and Vision


To serve Washington and beyond through collaboration and problem-solving in education,
research, and health care with a focus on rural communities, Tribal Nations, and people who
have been historically marginalized.


A healthy, equitable Washington for all.



We uphold the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct in all our endeavors, ensuring
transparency and accountability.


We promote equity as it refers to fairness and justice and seek to remove barriers, unintentional or
otherwise, arising from bias or structural root causes with the understanding that all people do not
start from the same place and may face uneven power distribution.


We foster a working culture and environment where individuals experience a sense of belonging
and feel valued, respected, and supported for their unique qualities.

Collaborative Relationships

We foster sustainable, inclusive communities that promote an active interconnectedness,
community-framed success, and recognition of the impacts of our actions on each other and on our
individual and communities’ health and well-being.


We nurture diversity by recognizing the identities we carry and the differences between people,
acknowledging that these differences are a valued asset and striving for equitable representation.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace a culture of innovation where we grow and develop our people, teams, and processes,
learning from successes and failures, and innovating from existing best practices.

Work-Life Synthesis

We honor, respect, and actively support one another in integrating the commitment to and
complexity of our self, family, community, and work.