Paying for other employee’s travel expenses

Business & Finance Services has recently encountered a few instances of travelers not following WSU’s travel guidelines. Specifically, they have had employees paying for other employee’s travel expenses.

Paying for other employee’s travel is not allowed and is against policy.

  • Employees are to claim their own expenses.
  • One employee may not pay for another employee’s expenses.
  • Each employee will be reimbursed only for his/her own expenses.

Resources to Support Compliance:

If out of pocket costs are a concern, employees may request a WSU Travel Charge Card.

The WSU Travel Charge Card is a personal liability Visa card issued to WSU employees to be used for payment of expenses incurred while traveling on behalf of WSU. The benefit of the Travel Charge Card is that the employee does not have to use personal resources to pay for business trip expenses. Upon return an Expense Report still has to be completed and the balance on the card paid in full with the reimbursement from WSU.

Additional WSU Travel Card recourses:

Please remember that an approved Spend Authorization is required to book Airfare and pay Conference Registration fees. Airfare should be expensed to the Corporate Travel Account (CTA) card and booked through Laurie Warren at Travel Leaders. WSU preference is to expense Conference Registration fees on a Procurement Card (PCard).