New Okta Login Experience

This week Information Technology Services (ITS) upgraded WSU’s current authentication service to Okta Identity Engine, providing all WSU users with enhanced login, password recovery, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and account activation capabilities. 

This transition will not cause any login or MFA service outage and access to university resources will remain uninterrupted.

Okta is an identity management service that secures WSU user accounts through a multi-step authentication process. To elevate university resource security and improve the end-user experience, Okta Identity Engine will upgrade common account processes and replace familiar features with new ones. Once implemented, users will notice a few changes within the Okta system. Changes to the WSU login page will include the removal of the security image, the removal of the “Connecting to [WSU resource] …” banner, and improved visibility of forgotten password and account activation options.

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