Pre-Health Collaboration Aims to Encourage New Generation of Health Care Professionals

X-Ray Clinic at WSU Vancouver

Members of the Washington State University Vancouver Pre-Health Club recently gathered for a radiology case study. Judi Marcin, MD, associate dean of clinical education for the Vancouver clinical campus, presented on grain radiology skills and knowledge.

“The College of Medicine in Vancouver is very grateful for our strong relationship with the WSU Vancouver Pre-Health Club,” said Marcin. “The students are enthusiastic and curious.”

The president of the Pre-Health Club echoes Marcin’s sentiment. Shawn Hamby is a pre-med student at WSU Vancouver. He says the club shares the same mission as the College of Medicine—to see many of their students become health care professionals in Washington state.

“The Pre-Health Club’s collaboration with the College of Medicine is a tremendous asset for our undergraduate students at WSU Vancouver,” said Hamby. “We support a sizeable and diverse group of undergraduate students considering health care careers.”

Hamby says that the club is one of the largest student groups at WSU Vancouver. They strive to provide essential skills workshops and thoughtful guidance for students interested in the health care field. Many students have even learned about the College of Medicine through the club events and are strongly considering applying.

“Much of our value is thanks to Dr. Marcin and the WSU medical students, who generously donate their time and effort to support our students,” Hamby added.

For Marcin, being part of Pre-Health Club activities is not only a good opportunity for the college, but also for current medical students to engage in education, mentorship, and connection. She is pleased to see medical students consistently volunteer and pay it forward.

“I never forget that so many individuals throughout my education and career have taken the time to teach and mentor me, so I strive to show my gratitude and respect for that process by doing the same for others,” said Marcin. “It’s awesome to see the Pre-Health Club students and the College of Medicine students engaging and sharing the common goal of making our communities stronger and healthier.”