College of Medicine Professor Cited in KXLY Article

neuro diseases

A new study focusing on the long-term effects of COVID-19 is highlighted in a recent KXLY article and features expertise from WSU College of Medicine faculty member Jonathan Wisor, PhD.

The study from Columbia University, Cornell University, and Sloan Kettering Cancer Center found evidence of the COVID-19 virus attacking dopamine receptors. According to experts in neuroscience, feelings of anxiety or depression after an infection could be the direct result of COVID-19 attacking your nervous system. It can also have an impact on body movement.

“There’s also some evidence that our ability to engage in our motor functions, engage in our kind of routine muscle activities that we take for granted might be compromised in long COVID,” Wisor, a professor in the department of translational medicine and physiology, told KXLY.

The article also features Ken Isaacs from the WSU Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience.