Travel Reminders from Business and Finance Services

Business & Finance Services

Business and Finance Services shares these tips to ensure your travel related expense reports are successfully submitted and approved.

  1. When submitting Spend Authorizations or Expense Reports for conference and meeting travel, you are required to upload an agenda in Workday. For Spend Authorizations, a website and notation is acceptable in place of a formal agenda when necessary; however, an Expense Report must have an agenda attached. Be sure the agenda shows location(s), date(s), and a schedule.
  2. Include the destination city and state in the Business Purpose field on Spend Authorizations and Expense Reports.
  3. For clarity, avoid the use of acronyms.
  4. Receipts for travel must show payment was made and an itemization of the expenses.
  5. Receipts must be in PDF format in Workday. PDF or JPEG format is acceptable in the Workday Mobile App.
  6. Reimbursement is not allowed if travel expenses are paid with personal credits or mileage points.
  7. To avoid duplicate transactions, double-check that a Spend Authorization or Expense Report are not already in process of complete.

For additional assistance with travel-related reports, please reference the travel section of the WSU Business Policies and Procedures Manual.