Annual Reviews for Civil Service and Administrative Professional Staff via Workday

Washington State University

Workday will now be utilized for the annual review processes for civil service and administrative professional staff at Washington State University. The personnel and employment team at the WSU College of Medicine is sharing the following resources to help you prepare for the updated process.

Review Guidelines

Administrative Professional (AP)

  • Review is completed annually at start of calendar year for the prior calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

Civil Service (CS)

  • Review is completed within first six-months in role during the probationary/trial service period.
  • Review is completed annually in alignment with Periodic Increment Date (PID), also known as annual increase date; or another date determined by department.
  • Contact appropriate business services representative (see list below) if employee PID/review due date is unknown.
  • Review is completed for the past 12-months of employment.


  • The review process is managed by the Office of the Provost and not addressed below.
  • Visit Faculty Annual Reviews for additional information.

Expectations for Employees (AP & CS)

  • Initiate the self review in Workday (steps below).
  • Meet with your supervisor to discuss annual review.
  • Submit final review with additional comments (if needed).
  • Contact Business Services for support if required.

Steps to Initiate Self Review

  1. WSU Network Login
  2. Enter Network ID and password
  3. Click on the Workday Tile
  4. Click on your profile link in upper right hand corner (either photo or initials)
  5. Click View Profile
  6. Click Actions in the blue bar on the left hand side
  7. Scroll down to Talent and hover
  8. Select Start My Performance Review
  9. Select available template
  10. Enter Date Range of review (prior 12 months/prior calendar year)
  11. Click Submit
  12. Follow the next link to complete the self evaluation or click on the inbox icon with the red number in the upper right hand corner of screen
  13. Select the Get Started button
  14. Complete applicable employee self evaluation sections (first 8 sections not completed by employee)  
  15. Click Submit to route to supervisor
  16. Or click Save for Later to close and return to process at later time

Expectations for Supervisors

  • Communicate to team members the timeline for completion of annual performance review.
  • Support your team members in initiating the steps in Workday.
  • Complete the manager portion of performance review timely via the inbox task.
  • Discuss review outcomes with second-level supervisor (both positive performance and improvement goals).
  • Encourage team members to establish goals and development opportunities.
  • Schedule a meeting with employee to discuss annual review via standard departmental scheduling processes.
  • Contact Business Services for support if required.

Other Helpful Information

  • You may save the review in Workday and return to complete it later.
  • Comments are visible to all reviewers, including the employee, and will be saved as part of the official personnel file.
  • Second-level supervisors may send employee reviews back to employee or supervisor for edits if needed.
  • No additional documents will be uploaded in the Workday Annual Review process.
  • A team member assigned as a Talent Partner in Workday can view performance information for assigned units and support communication of the review process.
  • Supervisors and employees may request a copy of their current position description from Business Services via the contact information below.

Contact Information

Contact appropriate business services representative below if you have questions or need assistance.

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