Top Five Resources on the CIPHERS SharePoint

The CIPHERS SharePoint site includes resources and event information related to any and all education research and scholarship in the health professions.

CIPHERS (The Collaboration for Interprofessional Health Education Research and Scholarship) aims to facilitate faculty efforts related to health professions education scholarship and research.

Top Five Resources:

  1. An IPE events calendar which includes registration and abstract submission deadlines, as well as CME events.
  2. Funding opportunities featuring a curated catalog of medical and health sciences education funding sources.
  3. Publication support with information about writing accountability groups and guidance on writing and publishing in health education journals, including a curated summary of publication opportunities.
  4. Scholarship (and professional development) opportunities, including a curated summary of sources that support professional development related to education research and scholarship.
  5. Resources for scholars, including step-by-step instructions for preparing an IRB application, completing CITI training, creating a survey in Qualtrics, navigating PIVOT-RP to search for funding announcements, “must reads” for those interested in medical education, and guidance to maintain institutional research compliance.

If you would like to access to CIPHERS SharePoint site, please request permission directly from the site or you may reach out to

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