Business and Finance Tips: All About Contracts

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Business and Finance Services is here to assist you with all of your necessary contacts and computer purchasing requests. Here is some helpful information and resources to help you get started.

What is a WSU Contract?

A contract is an agreement between WSU and another party creating obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable as law. Contracts require detailed terms and conditions addressing each party’s responsibilities and the nature of the work involved. The agreement must be approved by appropriate university officials and signed by a university officer who has received written delegated authority from the Board of Regents or the president to sign such agreements.

What is the JIRA ITS Review?

WSU Information Technology Services (ITS) reviews certain information technology related purchases of equipment, software, and cloud services in coordination with WSU Purchasing Services for system compatibility, network connectivity, and data security purposes. Additional forms or information may be required in order to proceed with such purchases.