Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, all courses required for the degree, except for SHS 201 and 202 (American Sign Language), are offered on campus only.

Many of our courses build on one another and, because of that, we only offer the fall semester to begin the program.

We offer American Sign Language courses at the undergraduate level during summer session.

The WSU Spokane campus only offers professional degrees in this program, and we do not offer courses outside of the major; therefore, it is highly recommended you have all prerequisite courses completed prior to starting the program.

Your WSU GPA must be a 2.75; we do not make exceptions. If you are a transfer student and your WSU transfer GPA comes in lower than the GPA from your transfer institution, the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences will use your WSU GPA to determine your eligibility.

If your GPA makes you ineligible for the program, we recommend you take a year to raise your grades. You may consider re-taking courses where you received low marks, or take additional courses that would enhance your ability to work in a health field.

Yes, but only for students who are about to matriculate into our senior class. Incoming juniors and postbaccalaureate students are not eligible.

Yes, however, the department must approve the course for equivalency. We recommend providing a copy of the syllabus to show what was covered in the course.

You have the option of spending one year at the WSU Pullman campus to complete SHS 205, STATS, and electives. If you have the Direct Transfer Agreement option, you can begin on the Spokane campus and take Speech and Hearing Science courses.

You can use WSU’s Transfer Course Search Tool  to help you determine if your courses will transfer. Please keep in mind that if a course does not transfer as a WSU equivalent, we may still be able to count it towards a prerequisite. Please contact the undergraduate coordinator at for more information.