students in virtual clinic center

Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences

Collaborating across Disciplines to Prepare Physicians and Conduct Research That Advances the Delivery of Care

The Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences is a unique department within the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine that aims to prepare insightful and compassionate physicians. Designed to ensure faculty unity and continuity across a range of clinical disciplines and specialties, members of the department work to establish educational goals, plan and teach course content and conduct research.

The department’s primary focuses include:

  • Delivering the MD program
  • Fostering scholarship
  • Providing service to the university and community
  • Serving as the academic home for clinicians and researchers

Want to Become a Preceptor?

The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine seeks volunteers to serve as preceptors and help teach medical students.

Faculty Research

Investigations conducted within the department include:

  • Population-based interventions to improve health care delivery
  • Clinical studies related to the delivery of personalized care
  • Transdisciplinary investigations to address challenges that span science, technology, and medicine
  • Training medical students in research methods to improve clinical care
  • Medical education studies that lead to innovations in physician training

Departments and Initiatives

In alignment with the department’s purpose to provide service to the community and health services, the former Department of Health Policy and Administration provided graduate education to health care leaders for 23 years.