WSU Clinical Awards Banquet

Clinical Awards Banquet

Each clinical campus recently held an awards banquet giving thanks and honor to our College of Medicine clinical faculty members for their unwavering dedication and support to our school and its students. Congratulations to our recipients!


Award recipients: Raman Palabindala, MD, Ajitha Palukuru, MD, William Truong, MD, Hassan Ahmad, MD, Jim Wiegers, PA


Award recipients: Dave Stoddard, MD, Carrie Meyers, MD, Taylor Stewart, MD, TJ Byrne, PA-C, Henry Mroch, MD

We had over 50 clinical faculty members, staff, and students attend. The evening was full of conversation, and great food from the Fresh Plate.

Three out of our 5 recipients were able to attend to receive their awards in person. 

– Spokane Campus


Award recipients: Phani Kantamneni, MD, Barbara Atwood, MD, Peresi Kahirimbanyi, MD, Navdeep Gill, MD, Rory Chisholm-Drane, PA-C

The first annual awards event for the WSU Tri-Cities College of Medicine faculty was a success! Our Tri-Coug student nominations were thorough and thoughtful and truly highlighted our faculty’s commitment to students. To finally have an opportunity to formally appreciate and honor our faculty was a pleasure. Our Tri-Coug team enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate and recognize ALL that our faculty do to support medical education during clinical campus weeks, the LIC and for our MS4s rotating around the State. Student representation was maximized as we held the event during clinical campus week for the Class of 2026.  Further, we had representation from the Class of 2024 and from the Class of 2023. Student participation was key by having student nominators come forward to express their individual impressions and experiences of each award recipient. The nights success culminated with expressions of gratitude and appreciation to our faculty and an invitation to join us again next year.”

– Tri-Cities Campus


Award recipients: Stacey Ostrin, MD, Toni Storm, MD, Cole Southworth, DO, Claire Gould, MD, Melissa Dietrich, RN

We were grateful for the opportunity to celebrate our clinical faculty’s achievements and honor their hard work!

– Vancouver Campus