Medical Students Present at American Urologic Association Annual Meeting

Kyle Schuppe and Petr Gaburak are third-year medical students at WSU

Two WSU College of Medicine MD students recently presented at the American Urologic Association Annual Meeting in San Antonio.

Kyle Schuppe, a third-year medical student, presented five posters at the conference. One—Inhibition of Complex I Resensitizes Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells to Androgen Signaling Inhibitors Providing Significant Opportunity for Investigation into Primary and Adjuvant Treatments—won best poster.

“As a part of the competitive Medical Research Scholars Program, I am conducting both clinical and bench research at the National Cancer Institute of which my award winning project is translational research developing new combination metabolic and endocrinologic therapies for the castrate resistant prostate cancer,” said Schuppe.

He co-authored 16 additional posters at the conference, two of which received best poster recognitions in their respective sessions.

Petr Gaburak, a third-year medical student at WSU, also presented research he is doing with USC during this year’s AUA meeting.