Spokane Journal of Business Highlights Fundraising Trends in the WSU Health Sciences

Spokane Campus

An article in the Spokane-based Journal of Business highlights some interesting trends in higher education fundraising. Despite a record-breaking year for donations at some local universities, many institutions are facing a decline in donor numbers. It’s a national trend not only for higher education but for philanthropy in general.

Fundraising teams for the WSU Health Sciences are seeing the same trend. The College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, and the Health Sciences Campus at large received $17.3 million in fiscal year 2023 according to Nicole Pratapas, vice chancellor for advancement at WSU Health Sciences. She says financial contributions were up more than 2% compared to the year before, however the number of donors decreased 5.5%.

The trend has some higher education institutions examining their donor-engagement strategies. For WSU Health Sciences, Pratapas says donors are still likely to respond to time-tested methods.

“It’s more of a conversation with individuals about what’s happening at your institution… and seeing if that fits their philanthropic interest area,” said Pratapas. “People give to areas that have really impacted who they are today.”

Pratapas says rural health care delivery and scholarships are popular with WSU donors. Read more about the fundraising approach at WSU and other local universities below.