Faculty and Staff Honored in Annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony

2024 faculty and staff award winners

Faculty and staff from the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine gathered recently to recognize those who epitomize excellence in pursing our college’s mission, values, and impact. The annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony was held on June 6, 2024 at Riverside Place in downtown Spokane.

The expanded award categories capture the multitude of areas in which our colleagues contribute, from teaching to research, equity to service, and so much more. Please join us in congratulating the 2024 winners.

2024 Promotion and Tenure Recipients

  • Jennifer Troiano, Associate Professor
  • Saima Ahmad, Associate Professor
  • Joanna Breems, Associate Professor
  • Susan Hecker, Associate Professor
  • Leila Harrison, Associate Professor
  • David Jenson, Associate Professor
  • Oladunni Oluwoye, Associate Professor
  • Hans Haverkamp, Associate Professor
  • Henry Mroch, Professor
  • Pablo Monsivais, Professor
  • Chris Davis, Professor
  • Christiane Dechert, Professor
  • Anjali Kumar, Profesor

2024 Award Recipients

Honoring Leadership Staff Award

  • Katie J. Wood

Honoring Leadership Faculty Award

  • Georgina Lynch

Honoring Mentorship/Scholarship

  • John Roll

Excellence in Teaching

  • Christiane Dechert

Excellence in Clinical Teaching

  • Carson D. Seeber

Excellence in Service

  • Andres Juarez

Outstanding Contribution to Research

  • Liat S. Kriegel

Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship

  • Dawn Kopp

Outstanding Contribution to Community Partnerships

  • Dawn Elise DeWitt

Community Health and Innovation Award

PRISM Collaborative Team

  • Debbie Vogel
  • Desirae Misty Knight
  • Diana Tyutyunnyk
  • K. Michelle Peavy
  • Katerine Hirchak
  • Kelsey Bajet
  • Lisa Rey Thomas
  • Michael McDonell
  • Mohammad Keshtkar
  • Sara Parent

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (A-B-C-D) Faculty Award

  • Chris Martin

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (A-B-C-D) Staff Award

  • Megan Fulton

Outstanding Contribution to Equity

  • Rachael Beck

Dean’s Award for Contribution to the College of Medicine Culture (Faculty)

  • Stacey Ostrin

Dean’s Award for Contribution to the College of Medicine Culture (Staff)

  • Nathan Conley