Dupree Building Specialties and its leadership have longstanding relationships with Washington State UDuniversity as well as Spokane’s University District. Their connections to the University inspired the Dupree Building Specialties Endowed Scholarship.


Dupree Building Specialties Endowed Scholarship


Established by Mike Leslie, David Barber, Chris Leslie and Reece Ham, the Dupree scholarship supports a WSU undergraduate and their future with the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

“We’re going to have great doctors in our region—ones that have a connection to Spokane and Eastern Washington where we perform our business,” Reece said. “Hopefully we’ll build the facilities for them to keep serving the community.”

Dupree Building Specialties was founded by Patty and Robert ‘Lindy’ DuPree in 1968. Both Patty and Lindy are longstanding Cougars; Patty graduated from WSU with a nursing degree and Lindy graduated with a business degree. All three of their children followed in their footsteps and went to WSU as well.

Cougar connections later brought Mike Leslie, current president, into their lives when he shadowed Lindy DuPree as a WSU freshman. He went on to purchase the company from the Dupree family 35 years ago.

“My grandparents went to WSU. My parents met at WSU. And I have four siblings that went to WSU,” Mike said. “Our best friends today are Cougars. We’ve raised all our families together. We go to football games together. It’s real deep in our blood.”

Mike and David eventually got involved with the University of Washington School of Medicine’s WWAMI Regional Education Program. Their involvement led them to cross paths with President Elson S. Floyd, who introduced them to the WSU College of Medicine in its formative years.

Now, in celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary, the Dupree Building Specialties leadership chose to carry on Dr. Floyd’s mission and invest in their community with the endowed scholarship gift of $35,000.

“We bought the company 35 years ago. With Lindy in the industry and Patty a nurse, you couldn’t have scripted this any better,” said Michael.

Mike, David, Chris and Reece envision the College of Medicine playing a transformative role not only in the City of Spokane, but in all of the small communities that need help in Eastern Washington.

“It’s amazing how the land-grand mission impacts the small communities; that’s where everybody needs the most help,” said Chris.