Explore the Regional Medical Campuses

Learning Across the State

Your first two years in the medical education program will take place on the Washington State University Spokane campus. Your final two years of medical school could take place at one of four Washington State University distributed clinical regions: Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, or Everett. You will be given the opportunity to begin preceptoring with our clinical faculty at the clinical sites during five individual Clinical Campus weeks during your preclerkship years (Years 1 and 2).

You will have the opportunity to rank the regional medical campuses in the order of your preference. Your ultimate placement will be strongly influenced by how you rank the campuses and the information you provide. No matter which campus you train at, you will work in a variety of clinical settings in the region.

Regional Medical Campus

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Students are responsible for the travel to their assigned learning community for the Clinical Campus weeks in the first two years.
  • The Community Hosting and Homestay Program is offered to all students and ensures free housing to students traveling outside Spokane (through the homestays) during the designated period for the clinical campus week.
  • At the learning community locations during the clinical years, housings costs will vary within each community and at the different sites of Everett, Spokane, Tri-Cities and Vancouver. A variety of factors play into the housing costs including personal preferences, location, distance from school/clinic, etc. Accepted applicants are encouraged to investigate the cost of housing based on individual preferences and needs.

You are invited to explore the four WSU Regional Medical campuses. Please take the time to visit. If you need more information, please call 509-358-7518 or email medicine.admissions@wsu.edu.


The WSU Everett campus sits in a waterfront community less than a 45-minute drive (depending on traffic) north of Seattle. It is home to an international shipping port and the largest public marina on the nation’s west coast. A massive Boeing Company aircraft assembly plant fuels the local economy.

As a third and fourth-year medical student in Everett, your home base will be a new, state-of-the-art building at 915 N. Broadway, across the street from the Everett Community College campus.


The WSU Spokane campus sits in the heart of Spokane’s University District. The neighborhood borders downtown Spokane and is within walking distance from eastern Washington’s top restaurants and entertainment venues.

On the other side of campus lies the scenic Spokane River and the Centennial Trail. The 37-mile paved recreational trail stretches from a forested park west of Spokane to the Idaho border. Many students, faculty, and staff use the trail to walk or bike to campus.


You’ll find the WSU Tri-Cities campus along the banks of the Columbia River in the city of Richland. As the name “Tri-Cities” suggests, the region forms the junction of three communities: RichlandKennewick, and Pasco. Together, their population approaches over 308,000.

If you love sunny weather, the Tri-Cities could be your paradise. In a typical year, residents enjoy more than 300 sun-filled days. A warm climate, panoramic views and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities make this region a favorite destination for vacationers. Plus, the Tri-Cities lie at the epicenter of Washington wine country. A variety of local celebrations allow you to experience the wine, food, and culture of the region.


The WSU Vancouver campus is surrounded by nature at its most majestic. The Columbia River rolls through the region just 10 miles south of campus. Look to the east and you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains. More than 6 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails wind through the campus’ tree-lined grounds and forested land.

With a population of more than 170,000, the city of Vancouver anchors the southwest corner of the state. You’ll find charming shops, outstanding restaurants, and a rich menu of cultural events. If you crave the attractions of an even larger urban hub, just hop in your car. It’s less than 30 minutes to Portland.