Thank you for contributing to the SWOT analysis

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee would like to thank the faculty, staff, and students who contributed to the SWOT analysis survey. They received over 120 responses to the survey and have a strong basis of information to help build our strategic plan.

The SWOT analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This analysis serves as a foundation for setting goals in a strategic plan.

The SWOT data has been provided to working groups in the following pillar areas:

  • Community Care: We collaborate with our community partners to advocate for and build a better healthcare system, training practitioners to care for the underserved in our communities.  
  • Education: We foster excellence and diversity in our academic programs and the continued learning, growth, and development of everyone in our organization.  
  • Environment: We treat all our learning, work, and living environments as opportunities for all members to learn and thrive. 
  • Research: We value the essential importance of research to our mission and continue to develop, support, and diversify our research programs in support of our mission. 

The pillar working groups will use the SWOT data to formulate high level goals that will serve as the basis of our 5 year strategic plan. Please reach out to Erika Fleck, Senior Director of Strategic Management, for more information about the strategic planning process.