Applicants to the Master of Science Coordinated Program in Dietetics (MS CPD) must have a bachelor’s degree that satisfies one of the following options:

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Physiology from a regionally-accredited university
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition/Dietetics from a regionally-accredited university
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from WSU

Eligible applicants must also have:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the MS CPD prerequisite courses
  • No grade lower than a C in any individual prerequisite course (C- does not count)

The Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology no longer requires the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission to the MS CPD.

Acceptance into the MS CPD is based on meeting the admissions criteria, an applicant’s readiness for the program as judged by the Admissions Committee, and the availability of quality supervised practice sites for the clinical, food service management, and community nutrition rotations.


Fall Semester: August 22–December 16, 2022
Spring Semester: January 9–May 5, 2023


MS CPD Student Handbook for students entering in Fall 2021
MS CPD Student Handbook for students entering in Fall 2022 and later

Cost & Financial Info

Tuition and Fees
Financial Aid
Scholarships & Assistance
Spokane Housing
Establishing WA Residency


Jill Wagner
NEP Academic Coordinator

April D Davis
Program Director, Associate Professor
509-358-7919 | PROFILE


The following prerequisite undergraduate college courses are required. Classes can be taken at regionally-accredited university or community college. As a general rule, all prerequisite coursework should be no more than seven years old at the time of application. However, each situation is reviewed on an individual basis. One semester or one quarter of each course is required. Prerequisites do not need to be complete at the time of application, however, if accepted to the MS CPD, the classes must be successfully finished with a grade of C or better (C- does not count) by July 31 of the year admitted.

  • General Chemistry (including lab)
  • Organic Chemistry (including lab)
  • Biochemistry
  • General Biology (including lab)
  • Microbiology
  • Human Anatomy (including lab)
  • Human Physiology (including lab)
  • Human Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Ethics
  • Statistics
  • Public Speaking


The MS CPD program starts in the fall semester only. The application deadline is January 31 every year.

  • January 31 – Deadline for application submission
  • First two weeks in February – Applications screened for meeting overall and prerequisite GPA requirements
  • Mid-February – Admissions Committee reads and scores applications using a common rubric
  • First week in March – A select group of applicants are invited to interview for the 30 seats available in the MS CPD
  • Mid-March – Interviews are conducted by Zoom; interviews are rated using a common point system and the score is added to the overall application score
  • End of March – First week in April – Offers of admissions sent by email

How to Apply

Applications for admission are submitted online through the WSU Graduate School. Choose the General Application link.

Required materials include:

  • WSU Graduate School Application
  • Personal Statement: Please provide a 250-500 word statement of purpose that introduces yourself and motivations for entering the fields of dietetics, nutrition, and exercise physiology. Summarize your undergraduate education and how your work, volunteer, and/or life experiences relate to your academic journey and long-term goals. Finally, describe how the WSU MS CPD will help you achieve your professional goals.
  • Resume: Applicant resumes are reviewed based on metrics including the amount of time and extent of general work and/or volunteer activities, amount of time and extent of work and/or volunteer activities in dietetics or nutrition-related settings (prefer >6 months of experiences), leadership positions held, and demonstration of scholarship activity and/or awards.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation: 2 from a professor or lab section teaching assistant (TA) and 1 from a work or volunteer supervisor.
  • TOEFL, IELTS or MELAB scores from international applicants (See details about minimum scores and English language proficiency waivers)