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PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

The PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (NEP) degree offers intensive research and training in the broad fields of nutrition and exercise physiology. Students will work closely with a faculty mentor on a research topic with application to clinical, community, or population health.

With our home in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine and strong network of clinical and community partner organizations throughout Eastern Washington and beyond, we are well-positioned to provide training and research opportunities for students interested in clinical and community-based approaches to improving individual and population health.

Learn from Experts

Learn and work alongside experts in their field who serve as your faculty mentors in the PhD program.

PhD NEP Faculty Advisors

Contact Program Director Dr. Pablo Monsivais with questions about the PhD NEP program and to discuss your research interests.

Become a Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistantships (TA) positions are available to help fund doctoral studies. There are also opportunities to obtain funding for Research Assistantships through fellowships and grants.

Degree Requirements

The PhD NEP degree generally requires between four to six semesters of coursework. Individual student research projects and dissertation-specific work will vary and generally requires additional terms of study; in most cases, it takes between four to five years to complete the program.

Students complete a minimum of 72 credits including a four-semester graduate seminar series and a set of chosen electives. Students select one of three program tracks: human nutrition track, exercise physiology track, or a combined track.