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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine


College of Medicine Policies

The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine (ESFCOM) has set specific expectations for medical students, faculty and staff based on the culture of the College. It is the intention of ESFCOM to provide transparency in its operations as well as to offer solutions and direction for any concerns related to medical education and operations.

This page consists of both academic and operational policies and is managed by the office of Accreditation. In order to align with the University many policies, refer to Washington State University Policies.

Policy numbers will give the reader information about what the policy relates to:

Organizational Unit:
AD - Admissions Committee
CU - Curriculum Committee
EC - Executive Cabinet
EQ - Equity Committee
FR - Faculty Rank, Promotion & Tenure Committee
SC - Scholarship Committee
SE - Student Evaluation, Promotion & Awards Committee
Associated LCME Standard:
1. Planning
2. Administration
3. Academic
4. Faculty Preparation
5. Education Resources
6. Curricular Objectives
7. Curricular Content
8. Curricular Management
9. Teaching/Supervision
10. Student Selection/Progress
11. Student Academic Support
12. Student Health Services
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Date of Revision

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Office of Accreditation

James Zimmerman, BSNE
Vice Dean of Administration, Accreditation and Finance

Chelsea Fogle, MS
Accreditation Project Coordinator

Academic Policies

Policy NamePolicy NumberApproval DateNext Revision
Admission of Transfer StudentsAD.10.01.1704254/25/20174/25/2020
Technical StandardsAD.10.02.1705085/8/20175/8/2020
Deferral of AdmissionsAD.10.03.1704254/25/20174/25/2020
Admissions Conflict of InterestAD.10.04.1704254/25/20174/25/2020
Medical Student SelectionAD.12.01.1704254/25/20174/25/2020
Academic Workload for Pre-Clinical CoursesCU.06.01.1605025/30/20175/30/2020
Conflict of Interest Presentation PolicyCU.06.03.1708088/8/20178/8/2018
Medical Student Attendance PolicyCU.06.04.1708158/15/20178/15/2018
Clinical and Education Work Policy (Duty Hours)CU.08.01.1708088/8/20178/8/2018
Timing for Submission of GradesCU.09.01.1708088/8/20178/8/2018
Clinical Supervision of Medical StudentsCU.09.02.1708088/8/20178/8/2018
Assessment of Medical Student PerformanceCU.09.03.1708088/8/20178/8/2018
Grading PolicyCU.09.04.1708158/15/20178/15/2018
Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in AssessmentCU.12.01.17101210/12/201710/12/2018
Student MistreatmentEC.03.01.1708088/8/20178/8/2018
Professionalism and Student Use of TechnologyEC.09.01.1709129/12/20179/12/2018
Communication with Medical StudentsEC.09.02.1709129/12/20179/12/2018
Medical Student Leave, Withdrawal and ReadmissionEC.10.01.1709129/12/20179/12/2018
Students' Right to Access Academic RecordsEC.11.01.1707187/18/20177/18/2018
Faculty and Administration Access to Student RecordsEC.11.02.1707187/18/20177/18/2018
Tuition RefundEC.12.01.1704254/25/20174/25/2020
Personal Health, Disability Income and Professional Liability InsuranceEC.12.02.1709129/12/20179/12/2018
Post Exposure CareEC.12.04.1708158/15/20178/15/2018
Immunizations and Tuberculosis ScreeningEC.12.05.1705165/16/20175/16/2020
Medical Student Training on Universal Precautions and BiohazardsEC.12.06.1708158/15/20178/15/2018
Communicable Disease ExposureEC.12.07.1708158/15/20178/15/2018
Diversity and InclusionEQ.03.02.1705305/30/20175/30/2020
Scholarship Process for Awards to Medical StudentsSC.04.01.1706206/20/20176/20/2020
Student Promotion, Dismissal and GraduationSE.09.02.1708088/8/20178/8/2018
SEPAC Conflict of InterestSE.09.04.1708088/8/20178/8/2018

Operations Policies

Policy NamePolicy NumberApproval DateNext Revision
Policy Approval and Distribution PolicyEC.00.01.1701311/31/20171/31/2020
Faculty Appointment PolicyEC.04.01.1801021/2/20181/2/2019
Staff, Faculty and Administrators Reimbursement Policy EC.00.04.1801021/2/20181/2/2019
Compliance and Ethical ConductEC.00.05.17100310/3/201710/3/2018
Inclusive Excellence Training for Search CommitteesEQ.03.01.1801021/2/20181/2/2019