GME Policies and Procedures

GME Handbook

This GME Institutional Handbook is provided to all Trainees within GME at WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine to serve as a resource of information about the sponsoring institution. Additionally, it is a resource of policies, procedures, and guidelines for residency and fellowship training within the sponsored programs.

Report a Concern

This GME reporting form was established as a means for you to report your concerns or issues about your training program, our institution, or work environment. These may include but are not limited to duty hour violations, issues pertaining to areas of professionalism in faculty, staff or fellow house staff, concerns of an inappropriate work environment, or safety.

These processes are in place to establish, maintain, and continually evaluate effectiveness of the WSU College of Medicine’s GME sponsored programs in an environment which fosters open, respectful communication without fear of intimidation or retaliation.

You may use the form below to anonymously report concerns specific to your residency training program.

  • All form submissions are anonymously delivered directly to the Office of Graduate Medical Education.
  • GME takes all concerns very seriously.

GME Report a Concern Form

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