Internal Medicine Residents-Everett; Internal Medicine Residency Program-Everett

Residency Life

As noted in our mission statement, we want to develop exceptional physicians, fulfilled individuals, and innovative leaders. In multiple ways, we make a real effort to respect residents’ time, improve their work experience, and encourage them to lead rich lives in and out of the hospital.

Both the program leadership and attending physicians are easily accessible, supportive, open to new ideas, and heavily invested in resident education. Attendings provide a nice balance of support and autonomy, giving residents graduated responsibility as their clinical skills improve. On inpatient months, subspecialty attendings are amiable and accessible for consultation. Electives provide further opportunities for working one-on-one in an outpatient environment. Whether planning a career in general internal medicine or aiming for fellowship training, these relationships can be incredibly valuable.

Day-in-the-Life of a Resident

Get an inside look at what a day looks like as a Resident in the Internal Medicine Residency Program – Everett.

What Residents are Saying

“Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett is a very beautiful hospital with well-equipped hardware and software. Our training is supported by not only our faculty and staff but also by the entire hospitalist team, specialist, pharmacist, and nurses. We have an amazing nurse and pharmacist team that gives us strong support in patient care. Our patient population is very diverse with different ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses, and the program emphasizes community outreach through programs including Mercy Watch, a street medicine program tailored to provide medical care to people without housing and to those who cannot travel to the hospital. To be able to provide care for them makes me feel happy and makes me realize the real meaning of my career.”

– Bo Peng, MD, PhD

“At Providence Regional Medical Center, you genuinely feel that these people are investing in you and care about your success. During my first week, I couldn’t count how many times I’d been checked in on to ask how I’m doing. It makes you feel valued and that goes a long way towards your overall wellness. The pairing of mentor with mentee was done very intentionally. My mentor and I seem to be cut from the same cloth so to speak. We were able to hone in on both short-term and long-term goals and plans moving forward. The program also fosters this attitude of ‘If you’re interested in something, let’s make it happen!’ and it’s really refreshing to feel that support.”

–Nigel Jagoo, DO

Salary & Benefits

Washington State University, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine offers a variety of comprehensive benefits to eligible trainees (residents and fellows) and their families.

Living in Everett, WA

Everett is a charming community located about 30 miles North of Seattle and just over 100 miles South of Vancouver, BC, Canada. An ideal location to enjoy outdoor recreation and activities.

Wellness Resources

The residency program aims to bring awareness to the importance of resident physician well-being and support resident efforts to be healthy, build resiliency, and find meaning and joy in their work. Activities supporting our resident wellness include:

  • A mentoring and leadership program
  • Wellness curriculum
  • Resources that support holistic wellbeing—emotional, mental and physical health
  • Social gatherings and networking opportunities for residents and their families
  • Healthy food and snacks in the staff lounge

Wellness Program

Wellness and well-being are among the highest priorities for our residency program. Currently spearheaded by Dr. Yihan Yang, Dr. Tess King, and residents on the Wellness Committee, our program hopes to inspire a culture of wellness throughout the three years of residency by supporting resident-led wellness initiatives including:

  • COMPASS rounds (protected time for structured peer support group sessions, free snacks provided) for interns and residents who are on wards rotations
  • Protected wellness half days for residents on ambulatory block
  • Wellness-focused Academic Half Day activities (ex: resident led yoga, get to know your co-resident BINGO, outdoor walk and talks with ice cream, etc)
  • Tend Health counseling services for physicians, paid for by the program
  • Twice yearly service events focused on team building and community service
  • Clinic Pod Olympics, led by Dr. Izzy Westling

Mentorship  Program

The WSU Everett IM Residency Mentoring Program is committed to the success of each individual resident. Residents are assigned a faculty mentor who is selected and trained to support the resident throughout their training. Mentors work with residents to establish and achieve professional development goals, maintain their wellbeing, and truly personalize their training experience. Dr. Jerry Koh takes meticulous care to match each resident with a senior physician, whose sole priority is the resident’s learning and development. This system enables mentors to give open, honest and constructive feedback, and residents to freely communicate and work on professional improvement goals.

Coaching Program

The WSU Everett IM Residency Coaching Program pairs each resident with a faculty coach who is embedded in the Clinical Competency Committee. These coach-coachee pairs meet between two and four times a year to create and review progress on individualized learning plans based upon resident’s clinical and career goals, as well as rotation and clinical competency committee evaluations. 

Clinic Pod System

Each resident is assigned a longitudinal clinic “pod” composed of a mix of PGY1-3 residents and a WSU outpatient core faculty member. Residents stay with their pod for all 3 years of training. Pod faculty provide longitudinal outpatient clinical skills development and coaching both during and in between clinic visits. The Pod system, run by Dr. Izzy Westling is also used for community-building events like Pod Olympics.