Gladys E. Cooper Jennings Student Scholarship Fully Endowed

The college’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology had the opportunity to honor Gladys Jennings, a pioneering nutritionist and the first Black woman to earn a master’s degree at WSU, with a student scholarship fund. Thanks to many, her scholarship fund is fully endowed.

To celebrate Gladys’ 97th birthday and the fully funded Gladys E. Cooper Jennings Student Scholarship Fund, the college hosted a lunch with Gladys, department chair Glen Duncan, and several of her family and friends.

Thank you to all those who supported this fund. It was with great honor that we celebrated this achievement and Gladys’ many accomplishments in the field of nutrition and exercise physiology.

What’s next? The first student to receive a Jennings Scholarship Award will be a Nutrition and Exercise Physiology student in the Fall of 2023.